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LinBMD has been written to make it easier for Linux users to transcribe for the FreeBMD project. It is being developed in pascal using Freepascal and Lazarus.

All files produced by LinBMD are saved in the directory from which ‘linbmd’ was run. Even when opened from another location. Most files should open correctly, but bear in mind that winBMD files may need to be converted into Linux/Unix format first.

LinBMD has been released under the GNU General Public License. It is therefore an Open Source application.

I am currently using it to transcribe for the KSH_Double syndicate. If you do use it please give me feedback. I would be very keen to know if you have any problems so that they may get fixed.

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LinBMD Downloads

The easiest way to do this is to download the binary distribution. Then follow these instructions… Run a terminal window. Type following commands cd ~ tar -jxvf /path/to/download/linBMD-0.8c.tar.bz2 cd linBMD-0.8c ./linbmd Have fun, and remember when something happens which is not what you would expect, please email me. Version 0.8c No real changes here. Just …

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LinBMD Help Manual – Header Detail

LinBMD Main Page or LinBMD Transcribe Data Tab LinBMD Main Page or LinBMD Transcribe Data Tab Filenaming Convention This will simply change the way in which files are named. You should check with your Syndicate Co-ordinator to see which is their prefered method. Created and Modified Dates Dates can be handled automatically. This means the …

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LinBMD - Transcribed Data Tab

LinBMD Help Manual – Transcribed Data

LinBMD Main Page or LinBMD Header Detail Tab ‘Skip Surname’ option When you are transcribing many of the same surname, you can select this option so that focus is set automatically to the firstname and not the surname. The surname will be filled in. Note: The surname will always be inserted even when “Skip Surname” …

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